Next, we’re going to use the single stroke roll on the drum kit to play a simple drum fill. A fill is defined as a break in the main groove of the song and is commonly used to transition between two sections in a song (i.e. Verse >> Chorus). It also gives the drummer an opportunity to improvise and show off his/her skills.

– The Simple Fill –

Listen to the sound file below to hear what you will be playing:


Starting with the stronger hand, play four alternate single strokes on each drum in this order: snare drum, hi tom, mid tom, floor tom.
If you need to remember which drum is which, jump back to the first lesson by clicking here to refresh your memory.
If you don’t have a drum kit, just visualise four separate drums in front of you, or lay out some books or cushions to practice on.

The image below shows how this pattern would look written down. Notice that the sticking (RLRL) is written underneath the pattern to show you which hand to use.

Simple Fill

Keep remembering your technique points from before and concentrate on making the whole fill sound even, both rhythmically and dynamically.

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