Congratulations, now you know a simple drum groove and a simple fill!

Your final challenge is to try and put the two things together. Let’s have a look at the groove and fill together:

Basic Beat

Basic Fill

Each of these patterns fills exactly one bar of music.

Notice that there are 8 notes in the first bar (beat/groove) and 16 notes in the second bar (fill). The second bar lasts the same amount of time as the first, but there are twice as many notes in the same space, so the notes must be played twice as fast.

Listen to the sound file below to hear the groove and fill being played together. There is one bar of each, then the whole two bar phrase is repeated:

Now give it a try yourself.   Once you can play the fill and groove together, try playing 3 bars of the groove, followed by 1 bar of the fill.

Listen to the audio clip below to hear how this sounds:

I hope you have enjoyed these introductory lessons. If you’d like to continue your studies, please contact me to find out how to book a drum lesson.